Meet the Artist

serena-painting-at-windsor-castle 71x51cm

Serena painting at inside Windsor Castle 71x51cm for the Queens 90th Birthday

Meet the Artist Biography: Serena Sussex

is an award winning British artist whose oil paintings are in exhibitions and private collections worldwide.  She is particularly well-known for her landscape and nature oil paintings.

As a young art student, Serena was encouraged by her innovative art teacher to use mini rollers instead of paint brushes. She still occasionally uses these old rollers.

Serena was transplanted to England as a youngster and coupled with her shy nature, she found creating art an alternative way to communicate what she felt and observed.

Her paintings aim to remind us of the sense of tranquility and air of mystery that exists all around us.  Serena enjoys creating works of art that reveal the wonders of nature and the environment.  This has led to many exhibitions at the Barbican Library, London City Airport, and the Laughing Dog Gallery at Brighton Marina where she is currently the resident artist.

Selected by BBC

Serena felt extremely honored when the BBC chose her to paint a picture commemorating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.  She was also asked by the BBC to be one of the contributing artists on the project – The Big Event.   Serena and several other artists recreated the part of Holbein’s famous mural that featured Henry VIII.

Selected by IKEA

Her Autumn Walk landscape painting was selected by the Swedish company, IKEA to be displayed and sold for a period of time in their stores worldwide as a print onto canvas.

Prints and Cards Available

Prints and cards are available directly from Serena Sussex or The Laughing Dog Gallery and Cards of my paintings are also available from me

Originals and Special Orders Available

Want to obtain or view Serena’s original oil paintings in person?  Contact Serena to arrange a visit to her art studio and to learn about current exhibitions.  Originals can also be seen at The Laughing Dog Gallery at Brighton Marina where Serena is a resident artist .  Special individual original commissions are also available upon request.