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Autumn Walk Serena Sussex landscape art thumbnail


Landscapes Gallery:

Trees are significant in every culture and in my landscape paintings.  They offer food, shelter, and safety.  In Chinese mythology, a Tree of Life represents immortality.  I paint landscapes to remind me of the serenity and mystery that surrounds us as we journey together through life.




Koi Fishes Swimming serena sussex waterscape art thumbnail.jpg


Waterscape and Seascape Gallery:

I live in a charming, famous seaside city. As a lover of water and swimmer, I’m mesmerized by the ebb and  flow of life in the water which I try to express in my waterscape and seascapes.





Lovebirds in the Blossom Trees serena-sussex-nature-thumbn.jpg

Nature Gallery:

My color selection often comes from my favorite time of the day, sunrise and sunset.  Although we live in cities, our soul longs to connect with nature and every creature searches for its soul mate.



People at the Pavilion serena sussex urban art thumbnail.jpg



Urban Gallery:

I started my career as a photographer before becoming an artist.  So I love the challenge of creating a snapshot of city life using paint, rollers and brushes.





Summer Flight serena Sussex petite paintings thumbnail.jpgSmall Paintings Gallery:

I enjoy creating petite but precious little pieces of art.  A small painting can bring to life a nook or cranny that’s so often overlooked in a room.








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